Daniels-Knopp Funeral Cremation Life Celebration Center

Daniels-Knopp Funeral Cremation Life Celebration Center
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Offering you and your family everything you need in your time of need
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Often when a death first occurs, we can’t or don’t wish to believe it. We feel it’s a bad dream. We believe that the deceased will walk through the door, that life will return to a normal pattern again. Often the first sign of recovery is the ability to recognize that a loss has occurred. This doesn’t mean that we are ready to emotionally accept the loss or to adjust to life without the person. It only means that we intellectually realize that the loss has occurred, that a person we love has died. Often funeral rituals are effective in helping us accept reality. The time of the funeral, the somber break in routines, the rituals themselves, all are vivid reminders that a loss has occurred. It also helps to talk freely about the deceased. Often you may find yourself repeating the details and circumstances of the death. This, too, can be healthy. For it can be a way for the reality of that death to seep into our consciousness. Lowell and Carol

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1502 7th St
La Grande, Oregon
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