Civic Center welcomes you to the neighborhood! We believe that all citizens have a right to know whats going on within our city government, and that we have a responsibility to engage civically when we can. We encourage you to stay connected to whats happening in local politics – it will help our city thrive! Use the buttons below to find out whats going on in the town and valley, and get involved in the discussion!

Stay Informed

Check the City Meeting Schedule so you never miss a out.

“Any person may submit written comments or questions in advance of the meeting.  Written comments must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, prior to the meeting. The written comments will be read during the public comment section of the respective Agenda Item. Please email Public Comments to”

Missed the last meeting? Check out the City Council Meeting Minutes to catch up on everything that went down.

An organizational chart graphically represents the city’s structure, highlighting the different jobs and departments that connect the city to its community.

Check the City Agenda to see what the City Council has planned for the next meeting!

Robert’s Rules of Order is a set of rules first published in 1876 by Henry M. Robert to run effective, orderly meetings with maximum fairness to all members. In addition to informational resources, provides software tools to help organize and run meetings and groups.