Feed a Filmmaker: EOFF looks for Community & Local Businesses

Eastern Oregon Film Festival, premiere cultural destination event in La Grande, has created a new Filmmaker Residency Program and it will take place April 30-May 26, this Spring. The organizations has secured lodging at the freshly revived Lodge at Hot Lake Springs and is looking or support in feeding these guests.

Six filmmakers out of 45 submissions will be selected to attend the residency with the goal of creating, refining, or detailing a feature length screenplay that has the potential to be produced in Eastern Oregon. During the month of May, residents will interact with the La Grande, Oregon community, as well as other Union County destinations and beyond, tour location potentials, explore the outdoors, get familiar with local history and culture while they seek to inform their stories.

EOFF is looking to the community to be the gracious hosts that we are and team up to provide meals for the visiting filmmakers. By sponsoring a meal, one is ensuring that these guests dine well and stay nourished by one of our many great restaurants. This FUN-raiser gives the individual sponsor the choice to recommend local favorite dining spots. Visit https://www.eofilmfest.com/feed-a-filmmaker/ to get the details and sponsor a meal or a Cohort Feast! Filmmakers will be presented with community recommendations for dining, retail, leisure and more.

This program has a lot of potential to create strong and lasting positive impressions of La Grande and the surrounding communities. Consider sponsoring a meal for Eastern Oregon Film Festival’s visiting Residency Cohort and be a part of the amazing experience these artists are soon to embark on. One can purchase sponsored meal or cohort tickets at https://www.eofilmfest.com/feed-a-filmmaker/ or download, print and return the following form to participate.